About Us

About Us

ARICA is nature, adventure and passion. The wind in the face when surfing a wave or when crowning a volcano, it is the heat of the Kalahari, the cold of Alaska and the sound of the sea. ARICA is a clothing brand, and it is much more.

Much more because we want our designs to inspire you. It is not just a t-shirt, it is not just a fabric. It is a planet-connected lifestyle, the next trip that awaits you. We do our best to convey through our designs that life is made of experiences, so go out there and explore the world!

A brand with people behind it, people with concerns and desire to spread a message through garments made with love, attention to detail and top quality materials. So that you can wear them proudly. As it should be

Riding since 2016


Nature, nature, nature. It is our source of inspiration and with our small contribution, we try to protect it. Day by day, design after design, we try to convey our love and respect for this planet. Travel, adventure, sports, and animals are our favorite way of getting the message across to you: We live in a wonderful place. Enjoy it. Take care of it. But in ARICA we like to go beyond the 'protect the planet' philosophy and go back to the real world. To our clothes. To our factories.

100% of our production comes from Portugal and Spain. In Arica quality before quantity, efficient and exclusive collections where we try to pay attention to all the details and improve every day.

We care that the conditions of the people who work and make ARICA possible are adequate, that the manufacturing processes of our collections are less harmful to the environment, eliminating the chemicals in our worn tees and of being as efficient as possible to avoid unnecessary waste. Everything to make ARICA a reality that hardly leaves an ecological footprint and always in a sustainable business model that we are proud to defend.